All about Bees

Bees flying above the flowers

You’re sitting outside drinking a glass of lemonade enjoying the weather, when all of a sudden you hear a buzzing. What is that noise? You ask yourself. It’s simple. A bee is near. Before you jump out of your seat waving your hands, stay calm. The bee that is near is most likely looking for a flower, a mate, or collecting items for their nest. Just sit back and watch the bee you hear, watch how fascinating they are. There is no reason to swat at a bee or kill them. Observe them and watch them do well for our environment.



Yes, we all know what bees are capable, but in reality not all bees can or will sting you. They just want to continue working and to be left alone. If you do not disturb them, they will not disturb you. So, go ahead and sit back down, pick up your drink, and watch Mother Nature take its course. The world is a beautiful thing and the bees just make the world much more interesting.


History of Bees:

The first record of a bee was found in Myanmar over 100 million years ago. Bees are originated in the East. Back in that time, these bees were known as wasps, because they were eating insects instead of pollen and nectar. There is no exact date to when bees became vegetarians, however the choice was made when they were eating a fly and tasted something sweet and delicious, thanks to the sweet nectar that was from a cherry tree. The decision was obvious.


In today’s world bees are known to live all around the world, with approximately 20,000 species. These bees can be anywhere from giant leaf eating bees to tiny dwarf bees. The larger bees are known to be over 3 cm long while the tiny bees are 2mm long. When the early man discovered honey, it was as life changing as when they discovered fire. The early hunters who gathered for the families, did not exactly have a veil or bee suit, so they had to collect honey the painful way, just as painful as it was to pick up a burning branch. The bravery is known to be worth it, humankind had an acquired test for sweets. Honey is known to be an important sweetener for certain foods and drinks. The sweetener is so important, that parents actually named their children after the bees. You can buy all of your own bee products fro your local beekeeper, they supply bee pollen, Royal jelly, and more! The Egyptians were actually the first ones to keep bees at their home. Have you ever heard of “The Egyptian Hive Design”? This is an upturned basket made of straw called “A Skep”. These designs are still used today.