Plants For Your Garden

Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden for Natural Pest Control

While you might be eager to rid your environs of pests, pesticides are not the safest and healthiest way to control pest in your garden. The use of herbicides and pesticides can affect the complex relationship between pests, plants and predators. Pesticides will kill both the harmful and beneficial pests. If these harsh chemicals are used for a long period, they can pollute waterways or affect the soil food web.

Not all pests will damage your crops, and most of them are beneficial in eliminating other crop predators. Adding certain plants in the list below will encourage healthy population and biodiversity in your garden. These plants are best known to resist prey that can damage your crops. Here are some of the plants that you can grow:

  • Borage

This plant is mainly used for culinary purposes, especially in Britain. However, borage is not well known by most Americans. This plant has a star-shaped flower, and it’s mostly used in tinctures, herbal tea, and leafy green recipes. Borage repels cabbage worms and hornworms and can help other plants to raise their ability to resist diseases.

  • Chrysanthemums

This beautiful flower comes in many spectrums of colors. Chrysanthemums contain pyrethin – a toxic chemical for insect that is absolutely safe for both human and animal consumptions. Apart from planting this plant in your garden, you can also use its flowers to make tea.

  • Clover

Clover is a cover plant that grows just like grass, providing a cohesive, thin, green layer over the soil. Currently, there are about 300 varieties of this type of plant, but the most common one has tiny pink flowers. When used as ground cover in gardens, it can ward off pest entirely. It’s advisable to plant clover around cabbage to prevent aphids and cabbage worms from taking hold.

orange marigolds

  • Lavender

Best known for its pleasing aroma and violet leaves. Lavender has many uses such as preparing tea, baking, and frosting. Not only does lavender looks good and smells lovely, it’s also known for its ability to repel pests that you would like to keep away from your garden such as moths, fleas, and

  • Marigolds

Marigold is a garden flower that is very popular which is very affordable to obtain. If you want to deter pest from your garden, plant the scented types of marigolds. The French variety is best known for repelling the whiteflies from attacking your tomatoes, and it also improves the health of the soil.